Risk Management

Reporting Incidents to Headquarters

Even though you follow the Risk Management policies and procedures it will never be enough to safeguard you from an incident occurring. Realizing that risk cannot be eliminated completely but through joint efforts, education, communication, it can be managed and controlled.

In the event of such occurrences, SLG headquarters must be notified. Everyone is responsible for reporting ANYTHING that violates our Risk Management Procedures.

When a situation occurs, Incident Reports will be used to report the occurrence to headquarters.

  1. Incidents should be reported to headquarters within 24 hours
  2. If it is considered an emergency or a high-risk incident it must be reported immediately
  3. You can send a copy of the incident report through our website or you can speak with the Executive Administrative Associate via email memberservice@sigmalambdagamma.com or by phone 319-774-5370 X 9000