Online Academic Resources

Academic Success Plan

The Academic Success Plan isn’t only for when you are struggling. It can be used at any time to align your resources, objectives, and goals. Click here to access the step-by-step process.

Switching to online learning

Online learning and face-to-face learning are very different. If you haven’t discovered this first hand, you likely will soon. The modes of communication are different, the expectations are different, and yet, the expectations for learning outcomes are the very same. If you’re making the switch to online learning now, it’s likely that you selected your face-to-face courses for a reason–that they are face-to-face. Don’t worry, below are some resources to help you with the transition.

7 Tips for Surviving Your Online Classes (Higher Education)Written from a university student’s perspective, this collection of tips can be useful to high school students as well. I especially appreciated the tips that suggested connecting with other students and getting to know your professor.

8 Strategies for Getting the Most Out of an Online Class (Higher Education, High School)
These strategies are written for the college student, but they are just as applicable for high school students. It stresses self-discipline and addressing this class the same way you would approach a face-to-face class.

How to Make the Most of Online Courses (Higher Education) (Video)
Practical suggestions for succeeding online. Many of these plans would be productive in any face-to-face as well. Divides the strategy into Clarify Your Goals, Use Dedicated Time and Space, Use a Study Buddy, and Reflect on the Process. Uses Sketchnoting for video impact.