Branding Guidelines

In the Spring of 2019, a national call was put out for volunteers to join the BrandingCommittee. Members were recruited from each region via an application process which included questions about branding research, knowledge of the current SLG brand guidelines, and suggestions on areas for improvement. Seven members were selected for the committee by the Executive Director at the time, Committee Chair and NBOD liaison.The committee was composed of members in design and marketing fields and members who are vendors and former VPs of marketing. In July 2019, the committee began meeting on a monthly basis. The original goal of the committee was to determine if a rebrand was necessary for the sorority. 

The committee began its work by conducting research. We sent out a survey to membership to assess their stance on branding, went through La Mensajera archives to see the evolution of the SLG brand, and studied brands and guidelines of top companies, universities, and similar Greek organizations. We spoke with Founding Mothers and members who joined in the early 90s to get a clearer understanding of how the SLG brand came to be. After concluding this research, it was clear that a rebrand was needed.Members were looking for modern marketing materials and clearer guidance. Vendors were also looking for clearer guidelines and options for creating paraphernalia for the organization. It was also evident that we paled in comparison to the brand offerings that other Greek organizations had available to their members.

Late last year, NBOD determined that this work would fall more under HQ’s duties, so the committee was shifted to be a task force so that we could work more closely with HQ staff. The team began to brainstorm ways to build on our current guidelines and create more design assets that members could utilize; we spent the next year diving deep into what the SLG “brand” was and how we could enhance it

We thought carefully through the digital and print experience. We considered the ways thatSLG members, new and old, interact with the brand, the ways we are represented on our campuses and in the community at large. We tested 6 different logo concepts, various fonts and spent time thinking through the materials that members needed the most. Making these guidelines accessible, current and representative of the organization as a whole were alway stop of mind. We made sure the proper time was allotted to think through, develop, design and strategize a brand that we hope becomes a catalyst for your interaction and expression of the sorority. 

Fast forward to 2021 and we are finally ready to share what we have been working on with the membership. Sigma Lambda Gamma is something that everyone who wears these letters is passionate about and our hope is that our hard work, dedication, and passion shine through in what we have created for you. These guidelines are not meant to be restrictive; our hope is that they offer a solid foundation for all members to represent our organization with pride.These guidelines and assets are a living and breathing asset that we hope will continue to grow and expand with our organization. We hope that you can meet this new brand with the same interest and open-mindedness of when you first encountered Sigma Lambda Gamma and that once you get to explore and use these tools, you will be as excited as we are. 

Thank you for trusting us! 

Angelica Franklin

Bo (Sarah) Bernero

Teka Bundy

Tedra Cooper

Angelica (Angie) Fabian

Cherrell Finister

The purpose of this branding guide is to promote a cohesive branding foundation for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated. It should be used as a reference tool for Sigma Lambda Gamma members, staff, and vendors to uphold a consistent visual language for the sorority. 

Our intent with this guide is not to restrict creativity or expression. What we strive for is a coordinated, consistent, and effective brand presence in everything SLG. If we make something, we want to make sure that people know where it came from. That is why we have compiled these tools and guidelines to empower your expression. 

We hope that these guidelines become a catalyst for your interaction and expression of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated. They are intended to answer most questions. However, if you come across a circumstance that is not outlined here, please contact our headquarters staff at with any questions. 

The images below should not be recreated or altered.

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